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Hammock: hanging in the paradise


Attention, camping lovers ! If you get tired of traditional tents, the hammock will definitely make you want to stop. Imaging that you sleep in a tent that can be integrated with nature without having to “close contact” with the rugged terrain. It is simply the best choice for camping in the wild.


They are like the sleeping pods used by Na'vi in the movie Avatar.

However,  you will encounter the a problem - "How to climb in?" It's best not to place a hammock more than 4 feet (approximately 1.2 meters) above the ground, otherwise, you may need spend weeks to be familiar with climbing your hammock

In addition, due to the gravity, these hammocks in midair have the chance to fall. So what kind of trees to choose for this type of tent?  Derek Hansen ,a blogger of “hammock enthusiast” wrote in his blog: “I found out that when I bought that tent, if the trees were not triangular, One side will be lower than the others, and this will break the balance and cause the tent to fail."

So long as you can find the natural triangular tree array and make sure that you are not afraid of heights, you can sleep in these hammock tents and enjoy the heavenly beauty.